Redd Up and Step Dahn

As you may have heard Pittsburgh is having a bit of a scandal. Nothing sordid or Detroit-y, mind you. Just slush funds and corrupt cops and a mayor who thinks he's above the law. So more Philadelphia-y or New York-y. Anyway, as with all local happenings, Commonwealth Press is on the scene with the appropriate t-shirt.

Speaking of Commonwealth, they had a bit of trouble yesterday when a vandal threw a brick through the big plate glass window at the front of their store. Totally sucks. Why not drop by and buy a few shirts to help cover the repair costs?

Uploaded 3/6/2013


The Second Annual Pittsburgh T-Shirt Show is coming to the South Side on April 25th, 2013! Go and see all the 'Burgh shirts on display, buy shirts from local designers, take a stab at making one of your own, and have a few beers too! Check it out!