You Crack Me Up, Little Buddy

Happy Ash Wednesday! And what better way to celebrate the trials and tribulations of our Lord in the desert than by wearing a shirt combining fertility symbols stolen from a pagan vernal equinox celebration with the modern-day rejection of the concept of bodily resurrection? And also by buying Skyrim DLC for the PS3.

Shirt by ShirtPunch. Normally I wouldn't get a shirt that mashed together this many memes and pop culture references in such an unsupportable way, but Sam & Max conquers all.

Uploaded 2/13/2013


The Second Annual Pittsburgh T-Shirt Show is coming to the South Side on April 25th, 2013! Go and see all the 'Burgh shirts on display, buy shirts from local designers, take a stab at making one of your own, and have a few beers too! Check it out!