Batman & Robin Will Never Die!

Well, okay, the Batman who used to be the kid from Newsies may be dead but he's probably being replaced by a Batman who used to be the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun. That's the law of conservation of Batmen.

Me? I will always remember those few shining weeks when Pittsburgh was magically transformed into Gotham City and my fiancée almost got heat-stroke from sitting in a hot stadium in her winter clothes. Good times.

And what better way to commemmorate that than with a Gotham, Pennsylvania shirt from Commonwealth Press? It's a hell of a lot cheaper than building a replica Tumbler in your back yard.

Uploaded 2/6/2013


The Second Annual Pittsburgh T-Shirt Show is coming to the South Side on April 25th, 2013! Go and see all the 'Burgh shirts on display, buy shirts from local designers, take a stab at making one of your own, and have a few beers too! Check it out!