With Two Cats in the Yard

My brother and his friend Eric were in town to see the Pitt/Syracuse game this weekend and I tagged along. And of course they were giving away t-shirts, because I can't go anywhere without getting a t-shirt. Such is my fate.

Apparently the plan was to intimidate the several dozen Syracuse fans in attendance and the ESPN viewing audience by staging a "gold-out." Which is a terrible turn of phrase. "Black-out" and "white-out" make sense, you could probably justify "brown-out," but "gold-out?" It sounds like something rappers and rich people do to show contempt. Hardly the image you want for your basketball team.

Anyway, more photos from our day here, if you care.

Uploaded 2/4/2013


The Second Annual Pittsburgh T-Shirt Show is coming to the South Side on April 25th, 2013! Go and see all the 'Burgh shirts on display, buy shirts from local designers, take a stab at making one of your own, and have a few beers too! Check it out!