That's All Folks

And that's it, folks - an entire year of a different t-shirt every day. Let's not do that again any time soon.

Thanks to all the t-shirt shops that donated free t-shirts, including 604 Republic, Commonwealth Press, Cotton Factory and Left Hand Clothing.

A special thanks to all the friends who've donated shirts: Ben Yokitis, Dan Corwin, Jenn Thorson, Kate Lynch, Kristen Harkness, Mark Daly, Rob Brunskill, Rob Devereux and Sarah Williams-Devereux, Sam Link,Scott Hiemstra, Todd Rafferty, Tom Scioli and Vic Carter - and especially Bayani Caes and John Skinger, who wound up donating more t-shirts than I could use. I had a Commonwealth Press print up a whole mess of "Too Many T-Shirts" t-shirts for all of you.

And the most thanks of all to Dorothy Sibole, for putting up with my insanity for 51 whole weeks. Thanks, sweetie. :)

Uploaded 4/22/2011