Cookie Loves Milk (And Wants A Threesome With Donuts)

Yes, this photo is late. You'll be getting a twofer today so that I can get all caught up.

So. Yesterday I competed in the 2010 Tour de Donut in Arcanum, Ohio. It's a unique bike race where you occasionally stop for donuts, and they take five minutes off your time for every donut you can finish. (I only managed to down four, but in my defense these were gigantic, filling donuts and I was trying not to be disqualified for puking.) I figured this Jess Fink "Cookies Loves Milk" shirt from Threadless would be appropriate for the occasion.

If anyone cares, I finished 152nd out of a field of about 499 riders, with an unadjusted time of 2:13:16 and a donut-adjusted time of 1:53:16.

Anyway, special thanks to to lovely and talented Dorothy Sibole for a) coming with me, and b) taking this picture. I love you, Dorothy.

Uploaded 09/18/2010